E-learning – Loading and unloading of chemical tank trucks (English)


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Product – E-learning Loading and Unloading Chemical Tank Trucks

Welcome to this course on E-learning Loading and Unloading Chemical Tank Trucks. This course will review the transportation procedures involved in loading and unloading tank trucks with hazardous materials. We will also examine a number of possible incidents and the actions that may be required in those situations.

Topics covered in this course include the functions and duties of the loader, filler, and loader as specified in the ADR. Both the driver and the operator have their own tasks. They should wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and it should be checked whether they are wearing it. Preferably, tasks are documented in a checklist.

For Whom and Duration
This awareness course is aimed at both operators and drivers involved in loading and unloading, as well as personnel involved in incidents and management. Using this course as an annual refresher after an initial practical course is preferable. We recommend going through the course twice before taking the test. On average, the course will take one to two hours to complete.

The course concludes with several test questions. With a passing score of 70% or more correct answers, the participant will receive the certificate ‘Loading and Unloading Chemical Tank Trucks’ from SafetyNet Academy.

This course was developed with the assistance of VNCW (the industry’s association for chemical logistics), the Dutch business community, and financial support under the SVO scheme for Strengthening Environmental Safety of industrial activities.


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