E-learning – Preparing dangerous goods consignment notes (English)


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E-learning – Preparing dangerous goods consignment notes (English)

About the course

Per the ADR, anyone involved in the shipment of dangerous goods must be demonstrably trained. Preparing dangerous goods consignment notes often proves to be not so easy, especially when it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods. In this training, you will learn all about what is involved. We will look at the preparation of transportation documents in road transport, sea transport, and air transport. This course is designed for planners and senders who send dangerous substances and who prepare freight documents. So, it’s a comprehensive training that adds a piece of specialized knowledge to your CV. No previous education is required. Some basic knowledge of hazardous substances is also covered and it is quite doable for someone who is committed to it.

Certificate and duration

The training ends with a test with multiple-choice questions. If the student has a score of 70% or more, he or she will receive the Certificate for Preparing dangerous goods consignment notes, with which the student can demonstrate that he or she has been demonstrably trained. Depending on the time spent, the training takes 2 to 3 hours. We recommend going through all modules at least twice so that the knowledge is retained.

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