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Knowledge about the PGS15 is indispensable when you work in a PGS15 storage and bear responsibility or when you inspect PGS15 stores and then a PGS15 course is indispensable. The storage of hazardous substances requires broader knowledge and makes the PGS15 Certificate mandatory.

About the course

In the E-learning course Hazardous substances in storage, not only the PGS15, but also a wide number of other topics that are important for safe storage. The online course has been developed by a nationally recognized PGS15 specialist and trains you professionally as required by the PGS15 (professional competence).

The course also counts as a refresher course because the curriculum is regularly updated

Topics include:

  • The laws and regulations regarding the storage of hazardous substances (PGS15) and external safety.
  • The properties, the labeling of substances according to GHS / WM / ADR and the packaging.
  • Separation of substances in storage.
  • The storage of non-standard substances.
  • Working safely with hazardous substances in the warehouse.
  • Firefighting and emergency response hazardous substances.

For whom

Companies or institutions that store more than 2,500 kg or liters in the entire establishment (so the total including all gas bottles) must have 1 or more PGS15 trained persons. These must be available during the work, which usually means that a number of them must be available (taking into account holidays and illness).


No prior education is required. A piece of basic knowledge of dangerous substances is also discussed and it is doable for someone who is committed to it. That is why we have not specifically linked a duration to the course.

Certificate and duration

The course takes 4 to 6 hours depending on the time it takes you. We recommend that you go through all the modules at least twice, so that the knowledge is retained. After learning the theory, the student takes a final PGS15 exam. If the student has completed the online exam with 70% or more correctly, then she / he has automatically passed. Your certificate can then be easily and directly downloaded and / or printed online.

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