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Working in a closed space requires good awareness of the risks. The training is intended for people who have to enter a confined space to perform their work.

About the course

Entering a confined space requires an appointment and preparation of the working method and the material to be used. In particular, the poor accessibility for emergency services and poor ventilation make working in a confined space dangerous. For example, there may be harmful or explosive gases or there may be insufficient air exchange. Hazards that can arise during the work are the risk of suffocation, fire, explosion, poisoning or intoxication. The limited access space, the risk of falling or the dark environment can be additional risks for the person entering. The training is intended for people who have to enter a confined space to perform their work. In addition, they must gain insight into the risks associated with these activities and they learn to take measures that enable safe entry and work.

No prior education is required. This course is doable for anyone who is committed to it. That is why we have not specifically linked a duration to the course.

Certificate and duration

It is advisable to go through the course at least twice before answering the course questions (test). You must answer at least 70% correctly in order to obtain the Certificate Confined Space Training.

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